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A Strong EHR for Strong Militaries

Altera Sunrise™ Military enables smarter, more connected medicine where it matters most


Sunrise Military

During unpredictable times, rely on the most reliable EHR system.

By nature, militaries require a unique level of technology that takes the care of their personnel to the next level, from anywhere necessary. It is imperative for militaries to maintain readiness by putting advanced technology that enhances and sustains health in the hands of clinicians. That’s why we developed Sunrise Military.

With deep experience implementing healthcare technology solutions in military organizations, Altera Digital Health keeps the clinical focus on exceeding the health needs of service men and women with Sunrise Military.

Purpose-built for the military, Sunrise Military offers primary and acute care functionality, along with other essential capabilities, such as occupational health, surgery, pharmacy, group orders and scheduling. The solution also includes tools specifically designed to improve the delivery of healthcare for military organizations.

As an example, clinicians can use Sunrise Military to deliver care using a mobile device from any location – whether connected to the larger system or not. This is especially useful when the venue of care is in an extreme environment, war zone, disaster area or an offline area, such as an aircraft carrier.

The following resources demonstrate Altera's expertise in helping military organizations deliver on their mission to change what’s possible for the health and well-being of their service men and women.

Keeping in PACE with health IT and continuous learning at the Singapore Armed Forces

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