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Building better healthcare. Without rebuilding from the ground up.

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There’s a new digital healthcare solutions partner — Altera Digital Health.

We see the summit healthcare is striving for, but also believe there’s an easier way to get there. Because you don’t need more of the same. You need to achieve more every day.

To support you in providing care, and those you’re caring for, we create solutions that are quicker and simpler to implement, and that improve the experience of healthcare right now.

Altera was co-created by clinicians, digital experts and business leaders. We’ve all seen the industry promise to revolutionize the healthcare experience or reimagine the future of healthcare technology, but we also know what providers actually need to be successful at work and in everyday life. As a result, we came together to bring a new solutions partner into the mix.


Digital is personal here.
We know tech and healthcare can get complicated and confusing. So, we make things more personable and easier to understand. Avoiding mix-ups and making the most out of your time.

We designed our tools with people and one-on-one interactions in mind. We’ve created solutions that are training lite, meaning they don’t take a ton of ramp-up time. We did this not just for usability, but because we understand the value of connecting organizations with tools that are simple to grasp, easy to apply and enticing to staff. All of this can lead to an increase in your retention rate.

We know accessible means achievable.
To significantly reduce complexity, we’ve streamlined our tools and services to be easier to navigate and to use.

Our open platform allows you to seamlessly integrate our tools with solutions from other digital providers. This means you can keep what you need and leave the rest. The efficiency and productivity lift we gave our systems means near-zero downtime and faster deployment on all your devices.

Our reliability and forward vision will bring you peace of mind.
The solutions we’ve brought together as the foundation of our digital suite are some of the most innovative of the last 30–50 years. But that’s not why we brought them to Altera. We believe for innovation to be meaningful, it needs to be usable. So, we’ve put a lot of work into making sure the platform and products you’ll find here are exactly that.

In everything we do, our vision is to help you do more in practice, not in theory. And today, not eventually. That’s what we do.

Say hello to Altera Digital Health. Bringing next-level healthcare within reach.

Formerly part of Allscripts.
Now proudly part of the Harris Healthcare family.

We are Altera Digital Health.
And ready to partner with you.


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