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Client Story

Altera Sunrise™ and Microsoft Azure Get San Gorgonio Hospital in Peak Health Again

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, a 79-bed district hospital in Banning, California, previously had an electronic health record (EHR) system that was too costly to maintain and had become obsolete, compromising the facility and its patients. After exploring available options in the market, San Gorgonio decided to switch to Altera's Sunrise™ EHR, a single-platform acute and ambulatory solution leveraging cloud-capable features built on Microsoft Azure.

Developed using Human-Centered Design methodologies, Sunrise streamlines provider experiences with intuitive workflows and quick access to comprehensive patient data. Security controls built in Azure combined with Azure's use of multiple data centers give Sunrise the security and reliability today's provider organizations need from their EHRs to succeed.

"Sunrise and Azure help us to be better at everything we do by providing an affordable, secure and comprehensive, always-on package of tools that are essential to the efficiency of this hospital," said San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital CEO Steve Barron. "Thanks to this system, we're getting better at what we do, every day- and we can see the positive difference it's made to our patients and our community."

To learn more, download the full client story.

Image of San Gorgonio Sunrise and Azure case study
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